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    Tennessee Valley Authority



    Optional Modified Interconnection Study Process

    Effective May 7, 2015


    Effective May 7, 2015, TVA will offer an optional modified interconnection study process. The new process will be offered to both large and small generator interconnection customers. Under this modified interconnection study process, the Interconnection Customer may elect for TVA to accelerate the Interconnection Studies for TVA’s Interconnection Facilities. The business practices for the modified process may be found in the Generator Interconnection folder on the left.


    __________________________updated 5/06/2015 jrw__________________________


    MISO POR/POD Change

    Effective June 1st, 2015


    Effective June 1st , 2015 TVA will replace the POR/POD currently known as MISO with 2 new designations intended to better reflect the regions of the MidContintent ISO and allowing for greater granularity and more accurate calculations of ATC by TVA. The POR/POD of MISO.N will reflect the MISO (MidWest) region and previous TVA connection points to AMMO, AMIL, and BREC and the Contract Path Limit shall be 3000mw. The MISO South region will be the previous TVA connection points to EES, SME, and Batesville and have a POR/POD of MISO.S with a Contract Path Limit of 3000mw.


    MISO POR/POD Change Details


    The contact person for this change is Scott Homberg, who can be reached at 423-751-6172 or


    __________________________updated 5/01/2015 rsh__________________________


    Minor Modifications to TVA's

    Large Generator Interconnection Procedure (LGIP)

    Small Generator Interconnection Procedure (SGIP)

    Small Generator Interconnection Agreement (SGIA)

    Effective April 1, 2015


    The 2015 minor modifications to the above three documents updates TVA's point of contact for requesting generator interconnections to the TVA system.


    The contact person is now Jason L. Adams, who can be reached at 423-751-7274 or


    __________________________updated 3/31/2015 jrw__________________________




    On March 31, 2015, TVA will make effective revised versions of its Transmission Reliability Margin Implementation Document (TRMID), Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document (ATCID), and Capacity Benefit Margin Implementation Document (CBMID).


    The revisions continue to meet the requirements of NERC reliability standards MOD-004-1, MOD-008-1, and MOD-030-2. The TRMID, ATCID, and CBMID may be found in the ATC Information Link folder on the left. The CBMID also may be found in the CBM folder.


    __________________________updated 3/30/2015 jrw__________________________


    New TVA Transmission Service Guidelines and Transmission Service Rates

    Effective January 1, 2015


    TVA has approved a new edition of the TVA Transmission Service Guidelines, which establishes the terms and conditions for transmission service, along with the associated rates for transmission and ancillary services. The revised Guidelines and associated rates can be viewed and downloaded via the following links:


    2014 TVA Transmission Service Guidelines


    TVA Transmission Rates, 2014


    For other information, please contact Heather Burnette at 423-697-4128.


    __________________________updated 12/03/2014 jrw__________________________





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