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  • NAESB Home Page

  • Standards of Conduct
  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Contemporaneous Disclosure

  • Employee Staffed Shared Facilities

  • Identification of Afilliate Names and Addresses

  • Incident Report

  • Potential Merger Partner Information

  • Transfers of Employees Between Marketing Function and Transmission Function

  • Transmission Function Employees' Job Titles and Job Descriptions

  • Voluntary Consent Provision

  • Waivers

  • Written Procedures

  • Emergency Circumstances Deviations
    Discretionary Actions under the Tariff
  • Standards of Conduct on TSGT Internet

  • Performance Metrics
    Statement on Performance Metrics Postings
    Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions
  • NERC Glossary of Terms

  • Tri-State Business Practices
    Tri-State Business Practices
    Credit Application for New Transmission Customers
    Business Practices for Credit Security
    ATC Information
    Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document (ATCID)
    ATCID Attachment A
    ATCID Attachment B
    Capacity Benefit Margin Statement (CBMID)
    Transmission Reliability Margin Implementation Document (TRMID)
    ATC/TTC Methodology Contact
    Load Forecast Descriptive Statement
    Postback Methodology
    Rollover Rights TSR Information
    Annotations for TTC and ATC Changes
    Network Designation Application
    TSGT Transition Plan
    Tri-State's letter requesting a Network Customer contact
    SPP Integration
  • SPP Integration

  • TOT Info
    TOT 3
    MBPP TOT 3 TTC entitlements
    TOT 3 MBPP MOD-029 TTC
    Colorado Long-Range Transmission Planning Group
  • WestConnect Study work

  • E-Tagging Examples
    AULT to FourCorners345
    AULT to 4C345 Original Path
    AULT to 4C345 Path 2
    AULT to LAMAR 230
    AU TO LAMAR 230
    BLUE to Craig
    Blue > Craig
    BOZ to FourCorners 345
    BOZ to 4C345 Original Path
    BOZ to 4C345 Path 2
    BOZ to LAMAR 230
    BOZ TO LAMAR 230
    CRAIG to Blue
    CRG > BLUE
    CRAIG to FourCorners345
    CRG to 4C345 Original Path
    CRG to 4C345 Path 2
    CRAIG to LAMAR 230
    CRAIG to LAMAR 230
    DJ to FourCorners345
    DJ to 4C345 Original Path
    DJ to 4C345 Path 2
    DJ to LAMAR 230
    DJ to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners 345 TO SJ345
    Fourcorners 345 to SJ345 Path 2
    FourCorners345 to Ault
    4C345 to AULT Original Path
    4C345 to AULT Path 2
    FourCorners345 to BOZ
    4C345 to BOZ
    4C345 to BOZ Path 2
    FourCorners345 to CRG
    4C345 to CRG Original Path
    4C345 to CRG Path 2
    FourCorners345 to DJ
    4C345 to DJ Original Path
    4C345 to DJ Path 2
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230 Path 2
    FourCorners345 to MIDW
    4C345 to MIDW Original Path
    4C345 to MIDW Path 2
    FourCorners345 to Stegall
    4C345 to SGW Original Path
    4C345 to SGW Path 2
    LAMAR 230 to AULT
    LAMAR 230 to AULT
    LAMAR 230 to BONANZA
    LAMAR 230 to BONANZA
    LAMAR 230 to CRAIG
    LAMAR 230 to CRAIG
    LAMAR 230 to DJ
    LAMAR 230 to DJ
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345 Path 2
    LAMAR 230 to SJ345
    LAMAR 230 to SJ345
    LAMAR 230 to Stegall
    LAMAR 230 to Stegall
    MIDWAY to FourCorners345
    MIDW to 4C345 Original Path
    MIDW to 4C345 Path 2
    SJ345 to FourCorners345
    SJ-345 to Fourcorners 345 Original Path
    SJ-345 to Fourcorners 345 Path 2
    SJ345 to LAMAR 230
    SJ345 to LAMAR 230
    Stegall to FourCorners345
    SGW to 4C345 Original Path
    SGW to 4C345 Path 2
    Stegall to LAMAR 230
    Stegall to LAMAR 230
    FERC Orders
    FERC Order 890
    890 Network Resource Designation Procedures
    Initial Network Resource Designation Form
    Network Resource Termination Form
    TSPM Off System Network Resources
    Transmission Planning Strawman
    General Information
    Stegall DC Tie Status
    OASIS Notices
  • Congestion Relief Offers

  • Discretion

  • Personnel

  • OATT Customer Questions
    Tri-State Merchant
    CNMI PNM Clayton Load Schedule
    CNMI PNM Load Requlation Schedule
    CNMI Response to TSPM Questions
    CNMI TSPM New Mexico Loads
    Transmission Data Request 11-14-2008
    OATT Queues & Study Reports
  • OATT Queues & Study Reports

  • Outages
    Special Notification Process
    Study Reports - Other (Non-OATT)
  • Study Reports - Other (Non-OATT)

  • Wyoming transmission studies
    System Maps
    Tri-State System Map
    Tariff & GIP
    2017 Tariff
    2017 OATT
    Att L Final Eff Jan2016 - 3-21-16
    GIP and Interconnection Application Package
    TSGT Attachment K (GIP) 2016
    GIP Summary of Changes
    Summary of Generator Interconnection Process
    GIP Application Windows
    GIP Interconnection Request Application
    GIP- Attachment A - Wind Project Modeling
    GIP- Attachment B - Solar Modeling
    GIP- Attachment C - Synch Gen Modeling
    GIP- Attachment D - Site Control
    Engineering Standards Bulletin
  • Engineering Standards Bulletin 11-2016

  • Transmission Information - General
    Line Names 12-1-2011
    Line Names Appendix 12-1-2011
    Tri-State G & T Website
  • Tri-State G & T Website

  • WestConnect
    WestConnect Business Practices
    WestConnect Regional Tariff
  • WestConnect Regional Pricing Website

  • TS Logo OASIS


    *TSO Desk* (Real-Time)

    (303) 254-3031

    *Doug Reese*

    (303) 254-3676

    *Chris Powell*

    (303) 254-3614

    *Shannon Gilmore*

    (303) 254-3576

    Multiple Providers.
    One Simple Rate.

    No pancaked transmission rates - just one rate across multiple transmission providers. It's easy. It's economical. It's yours for the using.

    Go to the OASIS/ Transactions/ WestConnect Deal Wizard. Query the POR and POD you need, choose the number of providers, identify the MW needed, and let the Deal Wizard do the rest.

    We've Queued the Info for You

    Transmission Queue

    Interconnection Queue


    **The lastest version of the TSGT System Map has been added under the "System Maps" folder!**

    This map shows the Tr-State posted OASIS paths, and is intended to aid Transmission Customers when reserving and tagging any Tri-State Transmission. The map is current as of February 1, 2017. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions!

    The Discounts Continue

    Weather is changing... are our Discounts!!

    Tri-State's discounted Non-Firm Transmission Service is a fantastic deal! To move your energy from point to point, there's no need to go anywhere else!

    Discounted NON-FIRM = $5.00/MW-Hour NON-FIRM = $195.00/MW-Day
    NON-FIRM = $973.00/MW-Week
    NON-FIRM = $4,216.00/MW-Month

    NON-FIRM On-Peak = $12.16/MW-Hour

    FIRM = $195.00/MW-Day FIRM = $973.00/MW-Week FIRM = $4,216.00/MW-Month FIRM = $50,588.00/MW-Year

    NON-FIRM Off-Peak = $5.78/MW-Hour

    FIRM On-Peak = $12.16/MW-Hour
    FIRM Off-Peak = $5.78/MW-Hour
    2017 Rates (effective January 1, 2017)
    *Discounted Hourly Non-Firm only applies to selected paths found under Transmission Offering Summary*

    In accordance with the TSGT OATT, TSGT will charge Schedule 1 & 2 Ancillary Service charges on all transmission service purchased. TSGT will continue to pass through BA Scheduling Fees to the transmission customer. TSGT will also calculate and assess losses in accordance with the TSGT OATT. Note: Discounted transmission service prices, losses, and scheduling fees, DO NOT apply to the WestConnect Regional transactions.

    Check out Tri-State's Business Practices!

    Looking to Buy Long-Term Firm Transmission?

    You've found the place. TSGT's policies for requesting long-term firm transmission service are outlined below. Should you have questions about the process, contact us at


        • $5,000 non-refundable administration fee must be included with the application.
        • A deposit equal to one-month's transmission service fee must be included. Calculate the one-month's fee as follows: # of MW Requested * TSGT OATT rate for yearly service / 12 months = one month's service deposit.
        • Applicant must alsofill out an application, pursuant to Section 17.2 of the TSGT OATT.

    Note: Your application is considered incompleteuntil all itemsare received by TSGT. Once the application is determined to be complete and valid, a queue date and time will be assigned based on the date of validity - which may or may not be the TSR date of entry on the OASIS.

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    Generator Interconnection Information

    To view the GIP, obtain application forms, or view Load and Resource reports, refer to the OASIS listing to your left and click on "Tariff & GIP ".

    All generator interconnection application forms and inquiries should be directed to Sue Albrecht. Call Sue at 303.254.3324or email Sue at

    The next window will be from January-February 2017

    Looking for the TSGT GIP Queue or GIP Study Results and Reports?

    Just click HERE

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