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    VACAR 2007-2008 Winter Review
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    Published SERC and VACAR Studies
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    Designated Network Resource
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  • Transmission and Ancillary Rates
    2013 Formula Rate Tariff Update Questions and Answers
    2013 WebEx presentation for Santee Coopers new rates
    2013-2014 Formula rate transmission and ancillary rates with 2012 True Up
    2013-2014 Transmission and Ancillary Rates Ending midnight EPT June 1, 2104
    2014 Formula Rate Udate WebEx PowerPoint Presentation
    2014 WebEx information
    2014-2015 Transmission and Ancillary Formula Rates with 2013 True-Up
    2014-2015 Transmission and Ancillary Rates
    2015 Formula Rate Update WebEx PowerPoint Presentation
    2015-2016 Formula Rate transmission and ancillary rates with 2014 true-up
    2015-2016 Transmission and Ancillary Rates
    2016 Formula Rate Webex Power Point presentation
    2016 Formula rate transmission and ancillary rates with 2015 true-up
    2016 WebEx Instructions For Santee Cooper Formula Rate Tariff update
    2016-2017 Transmission and Ancillary Rates
    2017 Formula Rate Tariff Web X Instructions
    2017 Formula Rate Webex Power Point Presentation
    2017 Formula rate transmission and ancillary rates with 2016 true-up
    2018 Formula Rate WebEx Power Point Presentation
    Current Transmission Rates - 2017
    Formula Rate Template
    Transmission Rates -Effective June 1, 2018
    WebX Info for 2018 Tariff Update
    Historical ACE Data
    2014 ACE Data
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    2016 ACE Data
    2017 ACE Data
    2018 ACE Data

    Welcome To SC

    OATI has developed a work-around to address the NITS DNR Scheduling Rights Issue. This information is posted under OASIS Notices
    Santee Cooper 's 2018 Tariff Rate Presentation on May 24, 2018 has been rescheduled for 1 pm

    Santee Cooper's 2018 Tariff Rates that will become effective on June 1, 2018, have been posted for review.

    Web X Instructions for the Santee Cooper 's 2018 Tariff Rate Presentation on May 24, 2018 at 1 pm have been posted
    Questions concerning Next Day business should be directed to (843)761-4079. This number is staffed between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM EPT on Monday-Friday. All calls outside of this window should be directed to (843)761-4039. All Questions concerning hourly business should be directed to (843)761-4039

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