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    12/27/16 Stakeholder Address.

    In an effort to enhance its customer communications, IID has created an email address specific to its OATT generation interconnection and transmission service customers. IID will use the information received from this location to send out important notifications to stakeholders regarding OATT matters generally posted in OASIS. OASIS users are encouraged to send a request via email to stakeholder@iid.comto ensure they are registered to receive stakeholder notices from IID.

    Please contact Jerrod Sweet (760) 482-3358 with any questions.

    May 18th, 2015


    Imperial Irrigation District is pleased to announce that, in an effort to obtain a more efficient and simplified webTrans and webOASIS system, it is in the final stages of modifying its current OASIS. As part of the reconfiguration, IID has created individual sources for each Independent Power Producer in its Balancing Authority Area, thereby reducing the number of Point of Receipt/Point of Delivery combinations, and also reducing the number of transmission paths. The new system will allow IID to monitor and maintain its webRegistry (NAESB) in a more efficient manner.

    Starting July 7, 2014, each Transmission Service Request (TSR) that is in “STUDY” mode will be individually transitioned from the old system to the new. Please be assured that all customers will retain their current queue position(s). Each customer will be required to electronically submit a new Transmission Service Reservation. The new TSR will reference the old OASIS “AREF” number so there is a clear history in the system. This will be achieved by inserting a short statement into the “Customer Comment” section specifying the new reservation is being submitted for the purpose of replacing the old OASIS reservation. There will be an interim period of parallel operation with both the old and new TSRs active in the production system. This interim period will allow for quality assurance during transition.

    PLEASE NOTEthat beginning immediately, for those intertie points with Available Transfer Capability (ATC) where service can commence immediately with no additional analysis, IID will begin tendering Transmission Service Agreements in accordance with the provisions of Section 17 of the Open Access Transmission Tariff. IID will be sending such Agreements for execution in queue order. Customers will have fifteen (15) calendar days to sign and return the agreement(s) and begin paying for reserved capacity or their transmission service request will be deemed terminated and withdrawn.IID will proceed to refund any pending reserved capacity deposit for terminated/withdrawn requests. Following termination or withdrawal, IID will make remaining capacity available to the next eligible customer in the queue on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers may voluntarily withdraw transmission service requests by contacting IID’s OASIS Administrator at

    As the new system is being configured in OATI production system, new e-tag templates that include newly created Sources, Paths, and TSR numbers will be distributed to pertaining PSEs. Once the new system has been set-up in its entirety, an announcement will be posted on IID’s OASIS page stating the revamp has been completed. IID will also notify customers via email.

    Due to the implementation of the NERC ATC-related MOD Standards, TTC (and ATC) values posted after April 1, 2011 are under review and subject to change.

    IID will work closely with customers to ensure a smooth transition to the new OASIS. Questions regarding the process should be referred to Jerrod Sweet, IID’s Open Access Same Time Information System Administrator, via email at


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