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    Welcome To

    Florida Power & Light OASIS

    Transmission Customers or prospective customers can communicate with FPL at

    FPL will hold the annual Attachment K Planning Meeting in Miami at 9-10am on July 13, 2018. See Planning Notices, Norice of Att K Meeting document for further information.

    Current Transmission component of rates (Schedule 7, 8 and Attachment H) effective 10/01/2011: Year Firm $19,080.00/MW-Yr; Monthly Firm and Non-Firm $1,590.00/MW-Mo; Weekly Firm and Non-Firm $366.92/MW-Wk; Daily Firm and Non-Firm - $52.27/MW-Day; Hourly Non-Firm - Peak (7a-11p M-F Excl Holidays) $4.59/MWh; Offpeak $2.18/MWh. The rate for Ancillary Service No.1 (Scheduling, System Control and Dispatch Service) is: Yearly $152.88/MW-Yr; Monthly $12.74/MW-Mo; Weekly $2.94/MW-Wk; Daily $0.42/MW-Day; Hourly $0.02/MWh.The Transmission Loss percentage for Schedule 10 is 1.85% effective 10/01/2011.ATC postings for the next 72 hours are updated each hour at between 30-40 minutes after the top of the hour. There is a scheduled update of ATC daily at 10:00 EDT that updates the non firm values for the following day. There is a automatic scheduled update of monthly ATC postings that occurs every Monday between 0100-0200 that updates the current and the monthly values for the following 12 months.


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