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    Welcome to DGT

    Untitled Document


    DGT TSO Desk


    Shannon Gilmore


    Doug Reese


    Nathan Powell



    Long-Term Firm Transmission Service Questions?


    Nathan Powell


    Questions About Your Transmission Service Bill?


    Nathan Powell


    Multiple Providers.
    One Simple Rate.

    No pancaked transmission rates - just one rate across multiple transmission providers. It's easy. It's economical. It's yours for the using.

    Go to OASIS/ Deals/WC Wizard. Query on the POR and POD you need, choose the number of providers, identify the MW needed, and let the WC Wizard do the rest.

    Save on Our Discounted Hourly Off-Peak Non-Firm Transmission Service.

    DGT is discounting its Hourly Off-Peak Non-Firm Transmission Service. Normally priced at $7.42 per MW per hour, we've lowered the cost to $5 per MW per hourduring the off-peak hours.

    Hourly OFF-PEAK Non-Firm Transmisssion
    $5 / MW-hr
    In accordance with the DGT OATT, DGT may charge Schedules 2 Ancillary Service charges on transmission service purchased.
    DGT requires losses to paid in-kind for all transactions at a rate of 3.48% and must be scheduled separately.


    Looking for Long-Term Firm Transmission Service?

    In accordance with the DGT OATT, Section 17, a request for firm point-to-point transmission service for a duration of one year or longer requires a written application sent at least 60-days in advance of the calendar month in which service is to commence.

    Application should be sent to the following adddress:

    General Manager, Deseret Generation & Transmission Cooperative
    with a copy to Nathan Powell
    10714 South Jordan Gateway, Suite 300
    South Jordan, UT 84095

    A long-term firm TSR request should also be entered on the DGT OASIS for the service being requested. Please refer to the DGT OATT, Section 17 for further information and application specifics.


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