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    CSU Transmission Function Job Descriptions
    Standards of Conduct
    OASIS Business Practices
    Annulment of TSR Business Practice
    Order 890
    890 Attachment K Final
    Approved WestConnect Objectives-Procedures Transmission Planning 8-24-06
    CCPG map
    TEPPC Charter
    TEPPC TASSWG Study Plan V3 4-07
    WestConnect Regional Planning Project Agreement Execution Copy 5-2-07
    WestConnect-SWAT - CCPG Transmission Planning Principles Final - FEB 26 2006
    System Information
    CSU Generator Interconnection Queue
    Facility Interconnection Requirements
    TTC/ATC Documents

    Meeting information:

    Scoping Meeting for CSU-2018-1

    60MW solar injection into the CSU system at a new 230kV substation

    10:00AM, Thursday, April 19, 2018

    Contact: Cliff Berthelot

    Electric Planning

    Colorado Springs Utilities

    (719) 668-8091


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