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    Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions
    Business Practices
    Business Practice Table of Contents
    Section 1 (Ancillary Services)
    Section 2 (Capacity Benefit Margin)
    Section 3 (Colstrip Transmission Items)
    Section 3A (Colstrip Portal)
    Section 3B (Joint Colstrip Transmission Business Practice)
    Section 4 (ColumbiaGrid OASIS)
    Section 5 (Credit Transmission Policy)
    Section 6 (Curtailment of Firm Service)
    Section 7 (Designation of Network Resources)
    Section 8 (Interim Resource Undesignation)
    Section 9 (Interruption of Non-Firm)
    Section 10 (Narratives Regarding ATC Changes)
    Section 11 (Redispatch Cost Information)
    Section 12 (Reservation Timing Requirements)
    Section 13 (Reserving and Scheduling Service)
    Section 13A (15 minute timing requirements)
    Section 13B (Discounts)
    Section 13C (Use of TSN)
    Section 14 (Reassignment Resale Transfer)
    Section 15 (Transmission Services Available)
    Section 16 (Transmission and Interconnection Studies)
    Section 17 (Extension of Commencement of Service)
    Section 18 (section intentionally left blank)
    Section 20 (Discretionary Actions under Tariff (358.5(c)(4)))
    Section 21 (Common Employees (358.4(b)(3)(iii)))
    Section 22 (Emergency Circumstances Deviations (358.4(a)(2)))
    Interim Resource Un-Designation Daily Form
    Interim Resource Un-Designation Short-term Form
    Proposed Business Practices
    Request for Comment
    ATC Information
    ATCID (per MOD-001, per 001-13.1.5)
    CBMID Version 2 (Effective April 1, 2013)
    TRMID Version 2 (Effective April 1, 2013)
    CBM Implementation Document (per MOD-004-1, per 001-13.1.5)
    TRM Implementation Document (per MOD-008-1, per 001-13.1.5)
    ATC Methodology Contact (as required by Standard WEQ-001-16)
    Load Forecast Descriptive Statement (as specified in Standard WEQ-001-17.6.5)
    Postback Methodology
    Flowgate Methodology (only for those using Flowgate analysis)
    Standards of Conduct
    Contemporaneous Disclosure (358.7(a)(1)&(2))
    Voluntary Consent to Share Non-Affiliated Customer Information (358.7(c))
    Written Procedures for Implementation (358.7(d))
    Affiliate Information (358.7(e)(1))
    Shared Facilities (358.7(e)(2))
    Potential Merger Partners (358.7(e)(3))
    Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions (358.7(f)(1))
    Employee Transfers (358.7(f)(2))
    Posting of Waivers (358.7(i))
    Chief Compliance Officer (358.8(c)(2))
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    2-10-2011 OASIS Updating Notice
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    INFORMATIONAL NOTICE - No NF Refunds (8-8-12)
    FERC Filings
    2006 September
    Tariff Revisions
    2007 April (Optional 205 Filing)
    Optional 205 Filing
    2007 July (Order 890 Compliance Filing)
    OATT Filing
    Order 890 Compliance Filing
    Section 205 Filing
    2007 September (Attachment C Filing)
    206 Filing - Attachment C
    2007 December (Attachment K)
    Attachment K
    2008 March (Order 890 Compliance Filing)
    OATT Redline Changes
    Order 890 Compliance Filing #2
    Section 30 Undesignation Practices
    2008 May (2007 Operational Penalties)
    2007 Operational Penalties
    2008 September (Order 890-B Compliance Filing)
    FERC Order 890-B Compliance Filing
    2008 October (Attachment K filing)
    Attachment K Compliance Filing
    2009 May (Penalty Assessment)
    2008 Penalty Assessments
    2009 October (Rate Filing)
    Exhibit AVA-100 - Thies Testimony
    Exhibit AVA-200 - McKenzie Testimony
    Exhibit AVA-300 - Schlect Testimony
    Exhibit AVA-500 - Statements AA-BM
    Exhibit AVA-600 - Rate Comparison
    Exhibits AVA-400-409 - Avera Testimony
    Revised Tariff Sheets - Clean
    Revised Tariff Sheets - Redline
    Service List
    Transmittal Letter
    2010 July (Changes to PTP Agreement)
    Changes to PTP Agreements
    2010 September (Revised Service Agreements)
    FERC Filing - Revised Form of Service Agreements
    Redlined form of Service Agreement
    Revised Form of Service Agreement
    2010 December (15 minute scheduling)
    Tariff Revisions
    2011 June (LGIA Revisions)
    OATT LGIA Revisions Filing
    2011 September (NITSA Filings)
    9-29-2011 NITSA Filing
    2012 June (Order 890 - Ancillary Services)
    Tariff Revisions - Clean
    Tariff Revisions - Redline
    Transmittal Letter
    2012 October (Order 1000)
    Avista Attachment K Filing (10-11-12)
    Avista Filing of PEFA Rate Schedule (10-11-12)
    2013 November (Order 764)
    Order 764 - 15 minute scheduling (11-4-2013)
    2013 December (Order 784)
    FERC Generated PDF of filing
    Order 784 - Clean Tariff Filing
    Order 784 - Marked Tariff Filing
    2013 December (Order 1000)
    12-17-13 Order 1000 Compliance Transmittal Letter
    Clean Attachment K
    Marked Attachment K
    Order 1000 Functional Agreement
    2014 November (Order 1000)
    Avista Order 1000 Attachment K Filing
    Avista Order 1000 Functional Agreement Filing
    2014 December (676-H)
    Avista 676-H Filing (12-1-2014)
    2014 December (792)
    Avista Order 792 Filing
    2015 February (Order 1000)
    Avista Attachment K Filing
    2015 March (Annual Penalty Filing)
    2015 Annual Penalty Filing letter
    2015 June (Order 1000)
    6-15-15 Avista Order 1000 Transmittal Letter
    6-15-15 Clean Attachment K
    6-15-15 Redline Attachment K
    6-15-15 Second Amended Order 1000 Agmt Clean Avista Rate Sched CG2
    6-15-15 Second Amended Order 1000 Agrmt Redline Avista Rate Sched CG2
    2016 February (NITSA Low Voltage Filing)
    2016 BPA NITSA Low Voltage Facility Charges
    2016 April (Order 1000)
    4-4-16 Attachment K Compliance Filing
    4-4-16 Compliance Filing Letter
    4-4-16 Order 1000 Agreement Compliance Filing
    FERC Order 890
    Att. K Presentation 102407
    ColumbiaGrid PEFA
    ColumbiaGrid Planning Strawman
    Draft Attachment K
    Stakeholder Consultation Ltr. - 051007
    Strawman Cover Letter
    Integrated Resource Plan
    2007 Native Load IRP Table
    2007 Native Load IRP Table w/Rev
    2009 IRP Agenda - June 24, 2009
    2009 IRP Meeting - March 25, 2009
    2009 IRP Meeting Announcement
    2009 IRP Posting Notice
    2009 IRP Transmission Request
    2009 Native Load IRP Table
    2010 IRP TAC Meeting Notice
    2010 IRP TAC Meeting Presentation
    2011 IRP Follow Up Meeting
    2011 IRP Posting Notice
    2011 Native Load IRP Table
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Benewah)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Cabinet Gorge)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Long Lake)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Monroe Street)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Nine Mile HED)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Post Falls)
    2013 IRP Generation Study (Upper Falls)
    2013 IRP TAC Presentation (February)
    2013 Native Load IRP Table
    2013 Native Load IRP Table w/ Rev
    2014 IRP Interconnection Study
    IRP Customer News
    Interconnection Requirements
    Facility Connection Requirements
    Transmission Line Interconnection Application Form
    Generation Interconnection Process
    Flow Chart
    GIP Queue
    Generation Interconnection Process
    LGIP Application (DOCX)
    LGIP Application (PDF)
    Market Power Analysis
    NWPP SIL Study 2013
    Affidavit NWPP
    NWPP SIL Study Version 5
    SIL Study 2010
    BPA Simultaneous Import Limit (5-11-2010)
    Grant Simultaneous Import Limit (5-24-2010)
    Market Power Analysis
    System Import Limit (5-5-2010)
    Network Customer Information
    NITS Implementation Practices
    Provider Information
    NF Refunds Informational Notice
    3rd Party Congestion Relief 18 CFR 37.6(h)(4)(j)(1)
    AVA OASIS Stick Diagram
    OATI OASIS Access Limitations
    Redispatch Information CFR 37.6 (h)(4)(j)(2)
    Registration Procedures
    Transmission Offerings
    BPATPUD Documents
    BPATPUD Letter Agreement (August 2011)
    BPATPUD Reservations and Scheduling Practices
    Hot Springs Documents
    Hot Springs (AMPS) Capacity Management Agreement
    Hot Springs - FAQ
    Hot Springs Interim Tagging Protocol
    Scheduling News/Tagging Examples
    Lolo - Walla Walla - Wanapum Documents
    MOU Lolo-Walla Walla-Wanapum
    Montana Intertie Documents
    2-16-11 Notice of Montana Intertie Change
    Montana Intertie Scheduling Practices (7/1/2011)
    Study Metrics
    Study Metrics 2007
    Study Metrics 2008
    Study Metrics 2009
    Study Metrics 2010
    Resource Designation-Undesignation
    Designated Resources Listing
    Network Resource Attestation Form
    Off System Designation Form
    On System Designation Form
    2011 January-December
    040111 Undesignation
    070111 Undesignation
    100811 Undesignation
    120111 Undesignation
    2012 January-December
    062812 Undesignation
    062912 Undesignation
    063012 Undesignation
    070112 Undesignation
    070212 Undesignation
    071112 Undesignation
    071212 Undesignation
    2014 January-December
    062014 Undesignation
    2015 January-December
    031115 Undesignation
    Permanent Off System Contract Forms
    AVWP - Priest Rapids Project Contract (1-3-2014)
    Permanent On System Contract Forms
    AVWP - Community Solar (9-3-15)
    AVWP - Hydro Tech Systems Contract (3-1-14)
    AVWP - Lancaster (1-3-2014)
    System Planning/Studies
    Available Studies
    Colstrip Study Notice (10/21/09)
    Interconnection Potential at Rathdrum
    Interconnection Potential at Rathdrum and Rosalia
    July 2010 Preliminary Analysis
    Wind Integration
    Attachment K Materials
    2008 Local Planning Report (w/o CEII)
    2009 Local Planning Report (w/o CEII)
    2010 Local Planning Report Update (September 2010)
    2011 DRAFT Local Planning Report
    2012 Local Planning Report Update (SECURED w/ CEII)
    2012 Local Planning Report Update (w/o CEII)
    2013 Local Planning Report
    2013 Local Planning Report (Appendicies)
    2014 Local Transmission Plan Update Meeting - Presentation
    2014 Local Planning Report - Project Update List
    2015 FINAL Local Planning Report
    Economic Planning Studies
    Othello Area Wind Integration Potential
    Meeting Notices
    Att K 042909 Meeting Notice
    Network Opr Com 100208 Mtg Notice
    Att K 100208 Meeting Notice
    Att. K 050608 Meeting Notice
    System Assessment
    2014 System Assessment - Rev 0
    2014 System Assessment - Appendix B
    2014 System Assessment - Appendix C - E
    WECC Coordinated PG&E 500 kV Project
    Avista Phase I Presentation
    Feb. 29 PG&E Slide Presentation
    Feb. 29 Phase I Draft Rating Study
    Feb. 29 Spokane Slide Presentation
    Feb. 29, 2008 Agenda
    Phase 1 Rating, Planning and Studies (0708)
    Phase I Letter Dec 2007
    Notice - Possible Tariff Amendments (11-18-2011)
    Regulatory Links
    Order 784 ACE Data
    2013 January ACE Data
    2013 February ACE Data
    2013 March ACE Data
    2013 April ACE Data
    2013 May ACE Data
    2013 June ACE Data
    2013 July ACE Data
    2013 August ACE Data
    2013 September ACE Data
    2013 October ACE Data
    2013 November ACE Data
    2013 December ACE Data
    2014 January ACE Data
    2014 February ACE Data
    2014 March ACE Data
    2014 April ACE Data
    2014 May ACE Data
    2014 June ACE Data
    2014 July ACE Data
    2014 August ACE Data
    2014 September ACE Data
    2014 October ACE Data
    2014 November ACE Data
    2014 December ACE Data
    2015 January ACE Data
    2015 February ACE Data
    2015 March ACE Data
    2015 April ACE Data
    2015 May ACE Data
    2015 June ACE Data
    2015 July ACE Data
    2015 August ACE Data
    2015 September ACE Data
    2015 October ACE Data
    2015 November ACE Data
    2015 December ACE Data

    Welcome to AVAT OASIS

    Link to the Avista Utilities public website

    Report bad links to or 509-495-4819

    Real-time System Operations 509 495 4105
    OASIS Preschedule and ATF Desk 509 495 4819
    Transmission Contracts - Kenny Dillon 509 495 4436
    OATI Help Desk 763 201 2020


    Posted 12/2/2015 New Page 1

    Please take notice that Avista Corporation will hold its Attachment K Local Planning Process "Year One" Draft Study Results Meeting ("Meeting #2") on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 in the Avista corporate headquarters building at 1411 East Mission Avenue, Spokane, Washington. The meeting will take place starting at 1:00 pm and will continue until all required materials have been covered (approximately one and one half hours).

    The Attachment K meeting will be followed by Avistas annual Network Operating Committee meeting. This meeting is expected to begin around 2:30 pm and is open to all Network Transmission Customers, Native load customers and Interconnection Customers.

    Attendees are requested to RSVP, with number of participants, by sending an email referencing Attachment K Meeting and/or Network Operating Committee meeting to prior to the meeting.


    Posted 7/23/2015 New Page 1

    In order to comply with NAESB WEQ-002-5.10.3, Avista has posted their NITS on OASIS Implementation Plan. This document can be found under the Network Customer Information folder to the left. (Posted 07-23-15)


    Posted 7/6/2015 New Page 1

    Please take notice that Avista Corporation will hold its Attachment K Local Planning Process "Year One" Study Development Meeting ("Meeting #1") on July 14, 2015 in the Avista corporate headquarters building at 1411 East Mission Avenue, Spokane, Washington. The meeting will take place starting at 9:30 am and will continue until all required materials have been covered (approximatly one and one half hours).

    The Study Development Meeting is the meeting held at the beginning of Year 1 of the Avista Local Planning Process (as described in Attachment K to Avistas Open Access Transmission Tariff). This meeting has been established to discuss the assumptions to be used in the studies to produce the Local Planning Report and to provide stakeholders the opportunity to comment on those assumptions (including load levels and projects in service).

    Attendees are requested to RSVP, with number of participants, by sending an email referencing Attachment K Meeting to prior to the meeting.


    Updated Posting 3/31/2015 New Page 1

    Updated 4/6/15 - If a Customer uses OATI software a possible work-around is to open your template, clear the Contact Information by using the 'Clear' button, and modify or save the template. Once submitted, the Tag will automatically be populated with the most current EIR Contact Information and saved for future use.

    We are asking that all Customers evaluate their Tag Templates for accurate contact information for AVA and AVAT. If the contact information on the tag is outdated it could pose communication issues if Entities try to use this information to reach us. We are requesting that your Entity create new templates which will automatically pull current information from the Electric Industry Registry (EIR). If making a new template is not an option, please go to the EIR and update your templates with current contact information for AVA and AVAT. Please call the OASIS Desk at 509.495.4819 if you have questions. Thank you.


    Posted 2/27/2015 New Page 1

    Section 12: Reservation Timing Requirements of Avista's Business Practices, Timing Table Footnote 1.

    Currently, requests that are submitted outside the Standard Timing Table are being evaluated to determine if they can be considered on a shorter notice when feasible. Effective immediately, the following message will begin to be placed on any TSR that is submitted outside the Standard Timing Table:

    "Business Practices Section 12: Requests will be considered on a shorter notice when feasible. Minimum lead time has been exceeded on this request."

    Be aware that all requests submitted outside the standard Timing Table that "Fail" for minimum lead time are not guaranteed to be approved even if available transmission capacity is posted on OASIS. Please contact the OASIS Desk at 509-495-4819 should you have questions.


    Posted 2/27/2015 New Page 1

    Load Information

    Beginning 2015, Load Information is located in the Sys Data tab on OASIS. Sort by the following Attributes to see System and Native Load data:

    System_Forecasted_Load; Native_Forecasted_Load; System_Actual_Load; and Native_Actual Load

    A "Load Disclaimer" resides under Documents and within Load Information file.

    Contact the OASIS Desk at 509-495-4819 with any questions.



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