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    Current Rates and Ancillary Charges
    Memo - 2018 Transmission Planning Studies
    2017 Losses Memo OASIS
    2018 Losses Memo OASIS
    FERC Order 1000 1st Stakeholder Mtg Notice
    FERC Order No 1000 Meeting Notice June 11, 2012
    OUC Transmittal Letter for Update to Schedules 7 & 8 (D0108983)
    Order No. 1000 Interregional Compliance Filing (D0164732)
    ATC Information
    Contact Information
    Mathematical Algorithm Used to Calculate Firm and Non-Firm ATC
    OUC ATC Implementation Document Sept 30th 2013
    OUC CBM Implementation Document March 31st 2011
    OUC OATT Attachment C Revised - Starting March 31st 2011
    OUC TRM Implementation Document August 28th 2012
    Facility Connection Requirements Description
    OUC ATC Implementation Document March 31 2011 - Public
    OUC Facility Connection Requirements
    OUC TRM Implementation Document March 31st 2011
    OUC Tariff Filing - July 13, 2007 (Part 1) (D0035833)
    OUC Tariff Filing - July 13, 2007 (Part 2) (D0035834)
    OUC Tariff Filing - July 13, 2007 (Part 3) (D0035835)
    OUC Tarrif (HTML)
    OUC Tarrif (WORD)
    Org Chart
    org chart
    Aug 2017 OUC Rate Filing
    Queu / Priority Request for Generation Interconnections and Frim Transmissions(PDF)
    FERC Order No. 890 OATT Petition
    FERC Order Feb 1_2008
    OUC Open Access Transmission Tariff (D0058779)
    Order No. 890-Attachment K Compliance Filing NJ08-6-000
    OUC Documents
    CBM Document (Word)
    Facility Connection Requirements Description
    Informational Filing for OUC (Order No. 2004) (Word)
    Letter Order Approving LGIP and LGIA (PDF)
    OUC - LGIA (CLEAN Version - 2005 Update) (Word)
    OUC - LGIP(CLEAN Version 2005 Update) (Word)
    OUC Facility Rating Methodology
    OUC LGIA - LGIP Approval (Word)
    OUC Open Access Transmission Tariff(D0058779)
    OUC Transmission Customer Credit Risk Policy
    Order 888 & 889 Statement (Word)
    Org Chart
    Compliance/Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct Enforcement Program
    Training & Shared Facility
    Order 1000
    FERC Order 1000 OUC revised Filing Nov 2014
    FERC Order No. 1000 - Attachment K Compliance Filing
    FERC order 1000 OUC revised filing Feb 2015
    FRCC Transmittal Letter 2nd IR Compliance Filing 3-27-15

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