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  • OASIS Public Notices
    Grid America Holdings Disclosure notice on OASIS Alps to Berkshire.pdf
    HQUS Firm Schedule 20A Rollover Notice
    QP 651 Grid America Holdings Disclosure Notice
    OASIS Posting National Grid Affiliate
    OASIS Posting-QP625 Brayton Point (Grid America) Affiliate
    Standards of Conduct
    Compliance Officer
  • Standards of Conduct Compliance and Policy

  • Job Descriptions

  • Emergency Deviations

  • Affiliate Information

  • Potential Merger Partners

  • Employee Transfers

  • Information Disclosures

  • Voluntary Consent

  • Shared Facilities

  • Waivers
    Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions
  • Attachment K

  • CEII Coordinator

  • Local Study Process

  • Local System Plan
  • Local System Plan NE 2010

  • Local System Plan NY 2010

  • Schedule 20A
  • Amendments- Schedule 20A

  • Business Practices- Schedule 20A
  • Creditworthiness Procedure - Schedule 20A

  • Waivers and Exemptions
  • Conditional Firm Service

  • Energy and Generation Imbalances - Schedule 20A

  • NAESB - Schedule 20A

  • Network Resource Designation- Schedule 20A
    Planning Redispatch
    Transmission Studies
    Schedule 21
  • Amendments - Schedule 21

  • Business Practices - Schedule 21

  • Creditworthiness Procedure - Schedule 21

  • Waivers and Exemptions
  • Energy and Generation Imbalances


  • Network Resource Designation
    Planning Redispatch
    ATC Information
    ATC Methodology Contact
  • Current Load Forecast Descriptive Statement

  • Postback Methodology (See Attachment C)
    ATC Algorithm
    National Grid Logs
  • Disclosure Log

  • Discretionary Log

  • Personnel Log

  • RFP / RFI Response
    Intention to respond to NESCOE RFI
    User Information
    OATI OASIS User Registration



    OATI OASIS User Registration

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