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  • Notice - June 23, 2014

  • Notice - March 11, 2014
    Potential Merger Partners
    Planning Advisory Group Meetings
    PAG Meeting 6/27/2018
    PAG Meeting Notice June 27, 2018
    PAG Meeting Presentation June 27, 2018
    PAG Meeting 7/17/2018
    PAG Meeting Agenda July 17, 2018
    ReEnergy Discount Presentation
    ReEnergy Northern Me Biomass Plants Analysis
    PAG Meeting 5/30/2018
    PAG Meeting Agenda May 30 2018
    PAG Meeting Notification May 30 2018
    MPD PAG Meeting Notes 5.30.18
    Retail Load Rates
    Wheeling off and Wholesale Load Rates
    Maine Public District Tariff
    Annual Update Informational Filing
    OATT Informational Filing 2014
    Customer Meeting 6-28-2017
    Notice of Meeting 07-25-2017
    2018 Annual Update
    Customer Meeting Presentation 6-27-2018
    Customer Meeting Notice 6-27-2018
    2018-2019 Charges Update cvr ltr
    Exhibit A1 - Actual ATRR
    Exhibit A2 - Estimated ATRR
    Exhibit B1 - Actual ATRR
    Exhibit B2 - Estimated ATRR.XLSX
    Exhibit C - 2017 Loss Calculation Public
    Exhibit D - Protective Agreement
    Data Request Responses
    Emera Maine Responses to MCG 1st Set
    MCG-004 Attachment A
    MCG-004 Attachment B
    MCG-004 Attachment C
    MCG-006 Attachment A
    MCG-007 Attachment A
    MCG-007 Attachment B
    MCG-011 Attachment A
    MCG-015 Attachment A
    MCG-016 Attachment A
    MCG-018 Attachment A
    MCG-019 Attachment A
    MCG-021 Attachment A
    MCG-025 Attachment A
    MCG-026 Attachment A
    MCG-027 Attachment A
    MCG-029 Attachment A
    MCG-030 Attachment A
    MCG-031 Attachment A
    MCG-036 Attachment A
    MCG-036 Attachment B
    MCG-036 Attachment C
    MCG-036 Attachment D
    MCG-036 Attachment E
    MCG-039 Attachment A
    MCG-041 Attachment A
    MCG-046 Attachment A
    MCG-049 Attachment A
    MCG-050 Attachment A
    MCG-051 Attachment A
    MCG-052 Attachment A
    Emera Maine Responses to MCG 2nd Set
    Response No. MCG-047
    MCG-056 Attachment A
    MCG-062 Attachment A
    MCG-063 Attachment A
    Emera Maine Responses to MPUC 1st Set
    MPUC-MPD-1-10 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-11 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-12 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-13 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-14 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-15 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-16 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-27 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-29 Attachment A
    MPUC-MPD-1-31 Attachment A
    Emera Maine Additional Responses to MPUC 1st Set
    Loss Factor Updates
    Loss Factor Update
    OASIS Notices
  • 2013 Reliabilty Report (Redacted)

  • Discretion

  • Interface TTC Update

  • MPD Transmission Wheeling Rates 12-15-2017
    MPS Docket No. 2014-00048
  • Personnel

  • Transmission Discount Request 04-18
    Notice of filing transmission discount 7-27-18
    Transmission Disruption Reports
  • Transmission Disruption Report 10-20-2015

  • Transmission Disruption Report 10-29-2015

  • Welcome to Emera Maine - Maine Public District (MPSC)

    Welcome to Emera Maine - Maine Public District (MPSC)


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