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    American Transmission Company Budget and Rates
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  • Regional Cost Sharing Joint Meeting on October 23, 2017

  • Webtrans Outage 05_30_18
    Market Operator 1.8.3
    Maximum_Generation_Emergency_Declaration_OASIS_posting 09/25/2017
    Day Ahead Market Time Change
    MHEB Interface Pricing Change
    Maximum Generation Emergency Declaration 05/01/2017
    Minimum Generation Emergency Declarations 06/03/2016
    Notice of Settlement Agreement filing in Docket No. EL14-19, el al
    IESO Interface for Physical Schedules
    Pseudo Tie Registration Guidelines
    Posting to OASIS Update 06-03-2014
    Transmission Service Restrictions
    Local Reliability Issues
    2017 Public E-tag Encryption Key
    OASIS Notices Archive
    MISO webTrans Outage Update
    MISO webTrans System Outage 1/20/2016
    Delay Notice: MHEB Interface Pricing Change Notification
    Notice of WebTrans Outage on May 12, 2016
    January 6 2017 OASIS POSTING Parallel Ops
    Maximum Generation Emergency Declaration 04/28/2017
    Maximum_Generation_Emergency_Declaration 04/04/2017
    Maximum_Generation_Emergency_Declaration 08/29/2016
    Maximum_Generation_Emergency_Declaration October 5, 2016
    Maximum Generation Emergency Declarations 06/17/2016
    UPDATE NITS_Deployment_WEQ-002-5.10.3
    Uplift of Uncollectable Obligations
    FERC Order 676-H SAMTS
    Minimum Generation Emergency Declarations 07/06/2015
    Interchange Schedule Timing Restriction Change
    FERC Order 676-H Rollover Right Reform
    MISO Market Enhancements to be Implemented on 3/1/2015
    MISO Scheduling System maintenance 9/18/14
    MISO Scheduling System Outage Notice 09/11/2014
    XML Schedule Query Security Updates
    OASIS Outage Report Delay 08/26/2014
    OASIS Outage Report Issue Resolved 08/06/2014
    OASIS Outage Report Delay 07/02/2014
    OASIS Outage Report Issue Resolved 07/02/2014
    Outage Report Issue 6_24_14
    Outage Report Issue Resolution 4_10_14
    Outage Report Issue 4_10_14
    Real Time Historical Outage Notice 4_10_14
    Outage Report Issue Resolution 04_10_14
    Maximum Generation Emergency Declarations 3/3/2014
    NAI submittal for South Region
    New Service Code
    Notice to Internal Point to Point Customers
    Northbound MP-ONT Interface
    E-tag Activity for FERC 771 02/08/13
    Notification Regarding Unused Transmission Reservation during January 7 Max Gen Event
    Reminder - Southern Region Integration
    Submission of Firm Network TSRs
    TCDC Group 2 and Temporary Overrides
    MISO Interchange Schedule Submissions Change 10/14/2013
    OASIS Outage Report Delay 10/02/2013
    OASIS Outage Report Delay 10/09/2013
    Public E-tag Encryption Key
    OASIS Outage Report Outage 7/24/2013
    Maximum Generation Emergency Declarations 1/16/2014
    Generator Interconnection Southern Region Integration Transition FAQ 07/08/13
    Upcoming Outage Report Changes 05/06/13
    OASIS outage extension 04/15/13
    Reminder of PSS Cutover and Tag Approval Service 03/19/13
    MHEB Transmission Requests Window Error 04/15/13
    OASIS Outage 4/15/2013 - 04/08/13
    MISO Scheduling System Outage 03/15/13
    webTrans Replacement Project 03/14/13
    New PSS and OASIS User Group 08/30/12
    PSS/OASIS User Group Information 09/14/12
    Real-Time Outage Report Issue Resolved 02/13/13
    Real-Time Outage Report Issue 02/13/13
    Scheduling Outage 01/18/13
    ITC CC on E-tags 01/17/2013
  • Regional Cost Sharing Joint Meeting on October 31, 2016

  • OASIS Notices Archive
    2309 Midwest ISO Real Time Transmission Outage Readers Guide_1
  • Outages

  • Real Time Outages

  • Performance Metrics
    FERC Order 890 TSR Study Performance Metrics
    Redispatch Cost
    Standards of Conduct
    Information Disclosure
    2017-08-10 Inadvertent Disclosure.docx
    Potential_Inadvertant Disclosure Posting 1.18.19
    Report Dated 06-02-2017
    Report dated 07.21.2017
    Notice of public disclosure of confidential information J171 GIA
    Notice of public disclosure of confidential information J382/J384 GIA
    Notice of public disclosure of confidential information J419 Amended GIA
    Report Dated 04-24-2017 Update
    Report Dated 04-24-2017 Update (Revision 2)
    Report dated 01-29-2015
    Report dated 03-16-2017
    Report dated 05-07-2015
    Report dated 06-24-2016
    Report dated 08-13-2015
    Report dated 08-24-2016
    Report dated 09-18-2014
    Report dated 07-30-2013
    Report dated 07-13-2012
    Report dated 08-30-2011
    Report dated 02-08-2008

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