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    Instructions for Offers for Resale
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    Current CBM Implementation Document CBMID
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    ATC Methodology Contact
    Load Forecast Descriptive Statement
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    Current Flowgate Methodology
  • Initial Zero ATC Narrative

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    Offers to Relieve Congestion
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    Transmission Tariff
  • Joint Open Access Transmission Tariff of DEC, DEF and DEP

  • Transmission Rates
    Price Summary Sheet
    Transmission Rates - Projected
    2016 OATT Annual Update
    DEF 2016 OATT Annual Update Formula Rate-Final Filed(excel)
    DEF 2016 OATT Annual Update Formula Rate-Final Filed(pdf)
    DEF Actuarial Valuation Report Re PBOPs 2015
    DEF Annual OATT Formula Rate Update Letter
    DEF Workpaper PBOP Derivation_2015
    2015 OATT Interim Update
    FERC Filing
    Updated Rates
    2015 OATT Annual Update
    DEF 2015 OATT Annual Update Formula Rate - Final
    DEF Annual OATT Formula Rate Update Filing
    Memo To DEF Customers 2015 Annual Update
    2014 OATT Annual Update
    DEF 2014 OATT Annual Update Formula Rate-Final Filed
    DEF Annual OATT Formula Rate Update Filing
    Memo To DEF Customers 2014 Annual Update
    2013 OATT Annual Update
    Memo Announcing New time for 2013 Customer Meeting
    Memo to Customers re 2013 Formula Rate Filing
    SECI FMPA 2013 OATT Preliminary Challenge
    DEF 2013 Formula Rate Filing
    DEF 2013 Formula Rate Working Excel File
    Revised 2013 DEF Formula Rate without Storm Adder 070113
    2012 OATT Annual Update
    2012 Revised Informational Filing
    Revised 2012 Annual Update Working Excel File
    5/17/12 Revised PEF OATT Annual Update Working EXCEL File
    PEF OATT Annual Update Customer Memo
    PEF OATT Annual Update Information Filing
    PEF OATT Annual Update Working Excel File
    2012 OATT Ten Year Rate Projection
    2011 OATT Annual Update
    2011 Formula Rate Filing Package Oct 2012
    PEF OATT Formula rate with 2012 Update Settlement Final 2010
    Correction #2 PEF OATT Formula Rate effective 060111
    Corrected PEF OATT Formula Rate Effective 060111 in Working Excel File
    Materials for Corrected PEF OATT Formula Rate effective 060111 for 2011 Annual Update
    PEF OATT Formula Rate Effective 060111
    2011 Projections of Future PEF OATT Rates
    2010 OATT Annual Update
  • PEF Filing Concering 2010 Impact of Retail Cost of Removal

  • (1) Memo to PEF Customers re 2010 OATT Annual Update
    (2) PEF 2010 Annual Update Information Filing
    (3) EXCEL File for PEF 2010 OATT Annual Update
    (1) Memo to PEC Customers re 2010 OATT Annual Update
    (2) PEC 2010 Annual Update Information Filing
    (3) EXCEL File for PEC 2010 OATT Annual Update
    (1) May 21, 2010 Amendment to PEF 2010 Annual Update Informational Filing
    (2) EXCEL File for Attachment 1 of May 21, 2010 Filing
    (3) EXCEL File for Attachment 2 of May 21, 2010 Filing
    April 1st 2010 Revisions to PEF OATT Formula Rate Concerning New Transmission Radials
    2009 OATT Annual Update
    October 30th 2009 Revisions to PEF OATT Formula Rate
    September 23, 2009 PEF Power Factor Requirements Filing
    August 2009 DRAFT FERC Filing Letter re PEF Policy for Power Factor Requirements 083109
    DRAFT OATT Attachment V 083109
    Cover Memo to OATT Customers re PEF Policy for New Transmission Radials 082609
    DRAFT FERC Filing Letter re PEF Policy for New Transmission Radials 082609
    DRAFT OATT Attachment U 083109
    DRAFT OATT Attachment U.1 083109
    DRAFT OATT Attachment U.2 083109
    Ten-Year Cost Projections re PEF Policy for New Transmission Radials 082609
    August 17th Revisions to May 29, 2009 Section 205 Filing for PEF OATT Formula Rate
    May 29, 2009 Section 205 Filing for PEF OATT Formula Rate
    EXCEL file for PEF 2009 Annual Update
    EXCEL file for PEF Updated Formula 051409
    EXCEL file for PEF Updated Formula Rate with ITC Normalization 051409
    Memo to PEF Customers re 2009 Annual Update
    PEF 2009 Annual Update Filing
    Energy Imbalance 2009 Penalty Refund FERC Report
    2008 OATT Annual Update
    Formula Based Rate data 051508
    2008 PEF Formula Rate Preliminary Challanges
    Formula Rates Meeting Information 051508
    Business Contacts
    Business Contacts
    Supplemental E-Mail Notification
    Provider Information
    Customer Load Ratio Share 2012-2014
    Loss Calculator 5/1/2016 - 4/30/2017
    Manual OASIS Form
    Generation Interconnection Information
    State Interconnection and QF
    FERC Generator Queue
    DEF Facility Ratings Methodology
    DEF Facility Connection Requirements
    Duke Energy System Protection Standard Distribution Connected Distributed Energy Resources
    Misc. (DEF use only)
    NOC Presentation
    Network Operating
    SAMTS Training
    network operating committee
    10-22-2014 Presentation
    Transmission Service Studies
    List of Studies
    Designated Network Resources
    Designation of Network Resource Request Form
    Undesignation of Network Resource Request Form
    Designated Network Resource List
    Transmission Planning
    DEF Resource Evaluation Change
    FRCC Planning Committee
    Transmission Planning Announcement
    Kickoff Agenda
    Study Schedule
    Notices and Announcements
    DEF Annual Real Power Loss Update
    DEF Resource Evaluation Change
    EIPC Planning Collaborative Documents
    EIPC Agreement
    EIPC Attachment 1
    EIPC Stakeholder Announcement
    Oct 16 Webinar Announcement
    EIPC Press Release 091409
    EIPC Project Information
    Notice of EIPC Stakeholder Webinar Oct 13, 2009
    Cogen Event Notices
    Orange Cogen Event 123015
    Orange Cogen Event 062415
    Mulberry Cogen Event 060115
    Mulberry Cogen Event 051415
    Mulberry Cogen Event 041315
    Covanta Lake Event 081514
    Orange Cogen Event 011514
    Pasco County Resource Recovery Event 081413
    Lake Cogen Event 070913
    Mulberry and Orange Cogen Event 103111
    Pasco County RR Event 081810
    Lake Cogen Event 080410
    Auburndale Cogen Event 062209
    Auburndale Cogen Event 051409
    Pasco Cogen Event 121508
    Mulberry Cogen Event 120108
    Orange Cogen Event 100708
    Pasco Cogen Event 022608
    Pasco Cogen Event 011608
    DOE Form 417 Reports
    Huricane Charley 2004
    Hurricane Francis 2004
    Hurricane Jeanne 2004
    Hurricane Katrina 2005
    Hurricane Rita 2005
    Hines Sabotage 2007
    Florida Event 032608 Final
    Seminole Substation Event 2008
    Tropiocal Storm Fay 2008
    Cold Weather Event 2010
    Flora Mar Substation Event #1 2010
    Flora Mar Substation Event #2 2010
    Severe Weather Event 2011
    Hurricane Hermine 2016
    Hurricane Matthew 2016
    Power Factor Reports
    Aggregation Zones
    Summary Report
    POD PF Details
    Bartow 2011 Summer
    Bartow 2011 Winter
    Bartow 2012 Summer
    Bartow 2012 Winter
    Bartow 2013 Summer
    Bartow 2013 Winter
    Bartow 2014 Summer
    Bartow 2014 Winter
    Bartow 2015 Summer
    Bartow 2015 Winter
    City of Wauchula 2012 Summer
    City of Wauchula 2012 Winter
    City of Wauchula 2013 Summer
    City of Wauchula 2013 Winter
    City of Wauchula 2014 Summer
    City of Wauchula 2014 Winter
    City of Wauchula 2015 Summer
    City of Wauchula 2015 Winter
    FMPA 2011 Summer
    FMPA 2011 Winter
    FMPA 2012 Summer
    FMPA 2012 Winter
    FMPA 2013 Summer
    FMPA 2013 Winter
    FMPA 2014 Summer
    FMPA 2014 Winter
    FMPA 2015 Summer
    FMPA 2015 Winter
    FPC 2011 Summer
    FPC 2011 Winter
    FPC 2012 Summer
    FPC 2012 Winter
    FPC 2013 Summer
    FPC 2013 Winter
    FPC 2014 Summer
    FPC 2014 Winter
    FPC 2015 Summer
    FPC 2015 Winter
    Fort Meade 2015 Summer
    Fort Meade 2015 Winter
    Mt. Dora 2011 Summer
    Mt. Dora 2012 Summer
    Mt. Dora 2012 Winter
    Mt. Dora 2013 Summer
    Mt. Dora 2013 Winter
    Mt. Dora 2014 Summer
    Mt. Dora 2014 Winter
    Mt. Dora 2015 Summer
    Mt. Dora 2015 Winter
    Quincy 2011 Summer
    Quincy 2011 Winter
    Quincy 2012 Summer
    Quincy 2012 Winter
    Quincy 2013 Summer
    Quincy 2013 Winter
    Quincy 2014 Summer
    Quincy 2014 Winter
    Quincy 2015 Summer
    Quincy 2015 Winter
    Reedy Creek 2012 Summer
    Reedy Creek 2013 Summer
    Reedy Creek 2013 Winter
    Reedy Creek 2014 Summer
    Reedy Creek 2014 Winter
    Reedy Creek 2015 Summer
    Reedy Creek 2015 Winter
    Seminole 2011 Summer
    Seminole 2011 Winter
    Seminole 2012 Summer
    Seminole 2012 Winter
    Seminole 2013 Summer
    Seminole 2013 Winter
    Seminole 2014 Summer
    Seminole 2014 Winter
    Seminole 2015 Summer
    Seminole 2015 Winter
    Williston 2011 Summer
    Williston 2011 Winter
    Williston 2012 Summer
    Williston 2012 Winter
    Williston 2013 Summer
    Williston 2013 Winter
    Williston 2014 Summer
    Williston 2014 Winter
    Williston 2015 Summer
    Williston 2015 Winter
    Winter Park 2011 Summer
    Winter Park 2011 Winter
    Winter Park 2012 Summer
    Winter Park 2012 Winter
    Winter Park 2013 Summer
    Winter Park 2013 Winter
    Winter Park 2014 Summer
    Winter Park 2014 Winter
    Winter Park 2015 Summer
    Winter Park 2015 Winter

    Welcome to Duke Energy Florida

    Duke Energy Florida Network Operating Committee Meeting

    Duke Energy Florida
    Network Operating Committee / Stakeholder Meeting

    October 19 2016
    2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET
    (Global Meet With Audio)

    Meeting Documents
    (Agenda and Presentation)

    Loss Factor Update
    Duke Energy Florida loss factor changes to 1.38% effective May 1, 2016.

    Transmission Studies
    Duke Energy Florida will bill for Transmission Studies associated with Service Requests initiated as of January 1st 2016. This includes Point to Point as well as Network Service.


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