The Following Links are established for compliance with NAESB Business Practice Standard WEQ-013.1.5:

        Current Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document ATCID (as specified in NERC MOD-001-1)

        Current CBM Implementation Document CBMID (as specified in NERC MOD-004-1)

        Current TRM Implementation Document TRMID (as specified in NERC MOD-008-1)

        ATC Methodology Contact (as specified by Standard WEQ-001-16) & AFC Data Requests (as specified by MOD-001-1a R9)

        Current Load Forecast Descriptive Statement (as specified in Standard WEQ-001-17.6.5)

        Current Postback Methodology

        Current Flowgate Methodology Grandfathered Agreements (only required for Transmission Providers using the Flowgate Methodology)