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    Protocol Postings
    CWLP Attachment O Posting
    CWLP FY2014 Attachment O Historical Revenue Requirement - REVISED
    CWLP Annual Meeting Notice 8-24-2016
    CWLP Attachment O Posting
    CWLP Annual Meeting Notice 6-29-2017
    CWLP Attachment O Posting

    Welcome to City Water, Light & Power - Springfield IL (CWLP)

    Please refer to the Documents pane (left side) for all OASIS posted documentation.

    Informational Filings:

    • ER15-1158
    • ER16-907
    • ER17-1087
    • ER18-811

    Transmission Owner Rate Data Page: City Water, Light & Power - Springfield, IL (CWLP)


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