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    Quick Reference / How to Guide

    ColumbiaGrid Portal will be removed and no longer operable after December 31, 2012.

    ∗∗ColumbiaGrid launches New Functionality for submitting TSRs through its OASIS Portal∗∗

    Effective June 1, 2011, new and enhanced functionality was added to this OASIS Portal that enables TSRs to be submitted to multiple participating TSPs – Bonneville (BPAT), Avista (AVAT), or Puget (PSEI). Transmission Customers (TCs) who are "eligible customers" of the participating TSPs may select any POR/POD combination from nearly 300 posted Service Points; thereby accessing the "dealmaker" software which will provide alternative routes (transmission paths), ATC, and pricing between the selected POR/POD combination. After choosing a route, a single mouse click will simultaneously submit TSRs to each participating TSP that provides transmission service over the selected route. The ColumbiaGrid OASIS Portal is provided as a free service. To get started, login and click on the "CG Deal Summary / New TSR Deal Creation Wizard" button. A Quick Reference / How to Guide is posted under Documents if you require further assistance.

    Additional ColumbiaGrid OASIS Portal information:

    The new functionality applies to short-term (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) transmission service. The Portal software addresses differences in the timing of short-term services among TSPs by showing the "increment" of service based on the start/stop time -- term of service selected. Similarly, the "class" of service is shown to clarify which product type is available, e.g., of the participating TSPs, only BPAT offers "hourly firm".

    TCs are responsible for paying each participating TSP for "confirmed" TSRs submitted through this Portal -- including those instances where TSRs are required to be submitted as "pre-confirmed". Participating TSPs will continue to invoice TCs directly as ColumbiaGrid is not a party to any transaction. Transmission usage charges are additive (pancaked) with each TSP charging their respective posted tariff rates.

    ColumbiaGrid is not a TSP; therefore, the participating TSPs will also continue to be responsible for registering TCs as eligible customers and processing TSRs as described in their individual business practices and tariffs. TCs who desire to change/update the status of previously submitted TSRs must access the individual participating TSP's OASIS site. This can be done through the "Select Provider" box in the upper left-hand corner of this home page.

    There is also a separate new "bulletin-board" feature where Chelan PUD, Grant PUD, Seattle City Light, Snohomish PUD and Tacoma Power (ColumbiaGrid members who do not operate OASIS sites) may post transmission and transmission services information, including offers to sell transmission services. Click on the button above titled "ATC from CG members not operating an OASIS", to view this information.


    ColumbiaGrid is a non-profit membership corporation formed in 2006 to improve the operational efficiency, reliability, and planned expansion of the Northwest transmission grid. As part of our goal to improve efficiency, signatories to the OASIS Functional Agreement have agreed to establish a presence on the wesTTrans OASIS site and to develop the aforementioned functionality for TSR submittal. ColumbiaGrid and its OASIS Parties will post relevant information on this home page from time to time. Further information about ColumbiaGrid and its OASIS & Transmission Services program can be found at Helpful links to transmission related information for OASIS Functional Agreement parties are listed as follows:

    Avista Corporation
    Transmission Services:

    Bonneville Power Administration
    Transmission Services:

    Chelan County PUD
    Rates and Policies:

    Grant County PUD
    Transmission Service:

    Puget Sound Energy
    Transmission Services:

    Seattle City Light
    OATT approved October 2009 by Seattle City Council
    PDF scan of Ordinance No. 123125 - includes OATT

    Snohomish County PUD
    About the PUD:

    Tacoma Power
    Transfer tariff:
    Note: Log-in to production node to see a folder under Documents which includes a link to see current ATC posted by Tacoma Power.

    Questions regarding ColumbiaGrid's OASIS Portal site should be directed to:
    Patrick Damiano, Vice President, 503-943-4933, or,
    Dan Dettmer, OASIS & Transmission Services, 503-943-4966,


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