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    Att O Workpaper Page 3 Line 5
    Att O Workpapers
    Attachment O Informational Filing 2016-03-15
    Consumers Energy Attachment O July 2015
    Consumers Energy Company Responses to METC Questions Round 1
    Exhibit A - Formula Rate Calculation
    Exhibit B - Workpaper No. 1
    Exhibit C - Workpaper No. 2
    Exhibit D - Proxy FERC Form No. 1
    Exhibit E - Email from MISO Regarding Rate Calculation
    Exhibit F - METC's Informal Challenge
    Exhibit G - CE's Response to METC's Informal Challenge
    METC Informal Challenge Feb 2016 SLG Response
    METC Informal Challenge to CE
    METC-Att O Questions to Consumers Energy
    Proxy FERC Form 1 Pages Transmission
    2015 Proxy FF1 Pages
    2017-03-15 - Information Filing
    Attachment O 2015 Workpaper
    Consumers Energy 2015 Historical Att. O Update
    Consumers Energy 2016 Annual Meeting and Attachement O Rate Update
    Exhibit A- 2016-2017 Rate Calculation
    Exhibit B - Workpaper No. 1
    2017 Annual Meeting Notice

    Consumers Energy Company (CETO)

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    Informational Filings:

    • ER17-1229

    Contact Information:

    Dan Alfred

    Transmission Owner Rate Data Page: Consumers Energy Company (CETO)


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