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    Waiver of Confidential Treatment of MISO Attachment Y Submittals

    KAPP2 OASIS Posting

    Since Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) and Alliant West operate a joint transmission system that covers a significant portion of the Alliant West control area, any sources and/or sinks located within the Alliant West control area and/or transactions that may use facilities in the Alliant West control area may also be required to abide by CIPCO tariffs. For further information please contact Dan Burns at (319) 366-4512 ext. 312, Dale Krohse at (319) 366-4512 ext. 305, or Louie Ervin at (319) 366-4512 ext. 323 . The CIPCO Open Access Transmission Tariff is posted at the following location:


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