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  • 2016 Informational Filing
    2016 Informational Filing
    Final 2015 Attachment O Update
    AECC June 2015 Schedule 1 Rev Req Calc
    2017 Informational Filing
    2017 Informational Filing
    Attachment O 2016
    Rev Req Calc 2016
    Annual Meeting Notices
    AECC Annual Meeting Notice July_29 2015
    AECC Annual Meeting Notice July 28 2016
    AECC Meeting Notice 2017
    Attachment O
    Effective June 1, 2014 based on 2013 actual data
    Effective June 2015 based on 2014 actual data
    AECC June 2015 Attachment O
    AECC June 2015 Schedule 1 Rev Req Calc
    Effective June 2016 based on 2015 actual data
    2016 AECC Attachment O Update
    2016 AECC Schedule 1 Rev Req Calc
    Effective June 2017 based on 2016 actual data
    2017 AECC Attachment O Update
    2017 AECC Schedule 1 Rev Req Calc
    Information Request Responses
    Responses to Information Request by Entergy
    Info Filing of Annual Formula Rate Update 201503
    AECC Informational Filing
    Final AECC June 2014 Attachment O
    Information Filing Attachments
    PURPA Waiver Filings
    AECC QM MISO Final
    AECC QM SPP Final
    Standards of Conduct
    AECC FERC SofC Compliance Plan
    AECC TFE Job Titles and Descriptions

    Notice of Attachment O posting Effective June 1, 2017 See Attachment O folder in links on left


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